Thursday, March 14, 2013

Synopsis of 'Essence' from the Battle for Blood trilogy

Synopsis of ‘Essence’


Book One of the Battle for Blood Trilogy




            After years of negotiations, the vampires and humans finally came to an agreement on how they could co-exist.  There was only peace for a short time as the vampire race began to run low on their agreed upon food supply and started feeding on those who were considered off limits.


            With many of their own disappearing, the human leaders tasked Stanley Falcon to develop a special substance that once injected into the bloodstream of the humans, made them tainted in the eyes of the vampires.  The human leaders saw this as an opportunity to profit and priced the shot astronomically high. 


            Their efforts to starve the vampire nation created absolute chaos all across the globe.  This brought Armand Vallini, the head of the vampire nation, to gather his forces and survive by any means necessary. 


            The unlikeliest of heroes to be called to arms was Chase Falcon, the son of Stanley Falcon, who had a personal score to settle with Armand Vallini. 


            With constant deception, double-dealing, and brutality, this trilogy will make you question which race is more inhumane and will intrigue you with the complexity of the characters. 

You won’t want to miss this.