Saturday, November 10, 2012

Six Sentence story, "Misconception"






By Joseph DiBartolo





            Immediately after the coitus, my latest squeeze, now unequivocally tangled in a fresh web of lies, raced back to her husband, brushing her hair on the way out.  I had been growing concerned as of late due to the black and blue marks that continued to revisit her athletic figure.  She had told me they were from a kickboxing class she took up at the local gym.  As convincing as she was, I wasn’t buying it, especially when I heard a loud thud outside my door.  Expecting the worst, I quickly ran into the hallway to see her standing over an unconscious man nearly twice her size.  Before I could comprehend what just happened, she took off her wedding ring, placed it on the husky man, and looked at me with utter satisfaction. 



            Joseph DiBartolo, Aspiring Writer, Film enthusiast.


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