Saturday, December 1, 2012

Flash Fiction "Snapped"



By Joseph DiBartolo 





            The line hadn’t moved in nearly five minutes now and I couldn’t unclench my fists.  I found myself fantasizing about what I would do to the clerk with that meat cleaver he was wielding ever so slowly.  A sandwich, turkey and cheese was all I wanted, that’s it.  Now, finally, the line moves to the elderly gentleman right in front of me, one more order and I’m up.  I was practically salivating at this point but my malicious thoughts abruptly shifted from the clerk to the old man when he asked his fourth consecutive question about the Veggie delight.  I began to see red, and then like a horror film I was watching, I saw myself pummel the old man nearly unrecognizable.  What drove me to commit such a vile act?  Perhaps it was losing my job of 8 years and my wife of 15 all in the same week.  Or maybe it was losing half of my money along with all of my possessions.  I suppose when you lose that much and you’re that close to the edge, the slightest annoyance can send you over.  Now as I’m staring down at this bloody mess I’ve created I here a voice getting increasingly louder as if someone was turning up the volume on the television.  “Sir”, the clerk yelled, as I snapped back to reality, Can I help you? 

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