Monday, December 3, 2012

Social networking



By Joseph DiBartolo



            Now don’t get me wrong, I do believe social networking is relevant in the world we live in today.  It just seems to me that it should be used as a platform for business purposes and to make contacts beneficial to your future.  More and more I am coming across self-obsessed individuals using it to let the general public know what song they just listened to or what they had for lunch.  Who cares?  The time being spent over the course of the year that you are informing the general population about your most recent bowel movement, could be spent being a bit more productive.  And the rants and raves could also be mildly annoying, more particularly, the rants.  The raves are greatly appreciated by Apple when someone praises the functionality of the new iPad.  On the other hand, the people that are compelled to document every gem of a thought that comes to mind, some restraint would be welcomed with open arms.  For example, someone going on a frantic political rant about a policy they don’t agree with or a candidate they hate, like they actually have an insight to what is really going on.  Everything we see in the media is fabricated and the government will never tell the general public what is really going on.  If you want the truth and are so opinionated, go into politics yourself and run for president.  Finally, the pictures portion of someone’s facebook or my space or my face spacebook page.  This is to those who insist on taking a million pictures of themselves and posting them on their page.  Go to Christian Mingle or JDate or whatever site where you can find a suitable mate.  I sometimes wonder if these people have pictures of themselves hanging all over their walls at home as well.  To some this article may actually seem like a rant, but you can’t argue with the logic and hopefully it gets some people to use their valuable time more wisely.

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